MathGraph3D for the web is now available here. The desktop version is still available under downloads and the mobile version (Android only) is on Google Play.

Welcome! I’m Sam, a software developer and amateur mathematician. On this site, you’ll find a bunch of apps and blog posts related to math and computer science.

The three primary technologies that I use are python, java, and Javascript/CSS/HTML. With these, I build applications for desktop, android, and the web. My projects usually concern the visualization or computation of math. Many of my projects are open source and available on my GitHub profile. I welcome contributions to any and all of them; if you’re interested, please don’t hestitate to contribute. To contact me, use the email address listed under the contact tab or reach out to me through LinkedIn.

The pictures to the right are surface plots made with my open source 3D graphing tool, MathGraph3D. Below are some posts and videos that I’ve recently released.

A parametric surface – the “twisted torus”. Solid red with lighting enabled
A cylindrical coordinates function with white color and lighting enabled
A surface of revolution with the “reds” preset style