You can contribute to my open-source projects here (GitHub).

While all contributions are welcome, I ask that you follow these contributing guidelines:

  • Before you contribute, be sure to familiarize yourself with the code (or at least the relevant parts of it). Check the README file for possible libraries that you need to know how to use to contribute.
  • Use conventional naming standards for constants, classes, functions, and variable names. For python, this is PEP 8.
  • Make variable names clear and descriptive. No single-letter names unless it is an iteration variable or has obvious meaning (i.e. x, y, or z). Someone reading the code should be able to get an idea of a variable’s purpose just by reading the name.
  • Document! Write at least a simple docstring for each function, method, and class. If something you write uses a complicated algorithm or piece of math, explain it! Alternatively, you can provide a link in a comment to an internet source that explains the algorithm.
  • As said before, the PEP 8 style guide should be used, but I feel the need to emphasize one thing. Use 4 space indents only. Especially if you are contributing to a python project, where whitespace marks code blocks.
  • I’m not one to care about line length restrictoins, but be reasonable about it. In general, always prefer shorter, clearer code over a big one line mess.
  • If you have questions, ask them. There’s a variety of ways you can contact me (see the Contacts page) or you can communicate directly through GitHub. Raise an issue on the repo that you’re contributing to if you have a feature idea that you think should be added. Chances are, it will get added in soon enough.